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Five Thousand

Five thousand days is thirteen years

Five thousand birds cover the square of the sky

Five thousand dollars will buy you a car

Five thousand square feet of house

Tiptoed on eggshells scattered about

Toes tortured, knees scabbed so hard

A remaining lifetime of new skin growing will not make them whole.

Five thousand square feet of chasing

And losing every time.

Unheard, misunderstood, forgotten,

Like a thing left behind but not that important to return for,

Not worth making the trip.

Each foot washed clean with tears of regret,

What could have been but never was.

I would like less square footage and softer falls from now on

Cushioned with kindness for this little girl

So used to soothing herself.



Ladybug brings

Bring me black bread

Bring me white bread

Just don’t bring me burnt bread

I asked of the ladybug

Burnt dreams

Burnt bones

Ladybug ladybug

What went wrong?

Betraying Sun

I’m a Tutsi in the marsh


My palms are white and the lines are black


My sun looks just like I drew it 

When I was four years old


Myths of happiness. 

The breath of my thoughts 

I write as the breath of my thoughts shimmers through my veins and into my fingertips

It is and it must be so and come out it needs necessarily so just it could be

Another shadow whispers her mind in my ear and out it must or it dies of pain 

He said why they did not fight back and it took a plentiful ride to the smoke

Where one by one they rose from the dead and into the breath of my thoughts they spoke