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Diabetes and Exercise

This was so refreshing and eye opening. We need to see through the veil created by all the parties interested in keeping the myth of sugar goodness alive and kicking. So much financial benefit is gained by huge corporations, both food and pharma. I am questioning my choices with allowing carb heavy diet to my healthy (for now) kids, wondering if I am creating a dangerous baseline. I have been low carb/paleo for 6 months and never felt better!

Health Conspiracy

Diabetes and Exercise

There are many preventable diseases still plaguing our medical community today. These diseases are responsible for large morbidity rates, high amounts of unnecessary health care spending and increased risk of secondary illnesses like cancer. Diabetes is on of those diseases! It can be prevented and even reversed through diet and exercise but it continues to affect more that 22 million Americans each year. Take a few minutes to read through the next few paragraphs and learn about Diabetes, the prevention and the treatment.

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