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Mother google

If google were a person, she would replace me as a mother in so many ways. James Altucher romanticizes google in one of his books, praising her transparency and humility. She answers your questions by sending you to other competitors (they are websites like she is) who know more about the topic, at the same time letting you know that the ones that show up on top paid her to be the first ones you see. We google directions, movie actor whose name we forgot, if it is ok to make bulletproof coffee with coconut instead of MCT oil, if other people sneak in third children into hotel rooms, whether the tick that was just extracted from my groin area can be a lyme carrier, and what to buy our 98 year old grandma for her birthday.

My friend told me over lunch today that her 5 year old asks google pretty much any of the questions he has. You want to know why? Because google always has an answer. And not just one, but many. And for every why, it is not “because I said so” but an actual legitimate, possibly scientific explanation followed by images, videos, graphs and any other stuff she chose to throw at you. I used to pride myself on showing my kids that I am not perfect by saying, “I am not really sure, but I will find out” to some of the questions I really was not sure about…but now there is google. So now we can be certain and positive on just about any question a child can throw at you, actually why would they even bother throwing it at you when they can throw it at Mother google, the one that has ALL the answers?

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