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A child’s fear

My daughter, who has been very guarded about her mother’s (mine) recent explorations in the universe of manifesting one’s own reality, Buddhist ideas and thoughts, morning practice of meditation, creativity and affirmations, expressed her fear yesterday about coming back from spring break vacation smack in the middle of the week, and missing out on some of her required assignments and commitments. She was afraid to face one of her teachers and was worried to tears that she would get kicked out of the play for missing too many rehearsals. Remembering Kamal Ravikant’s “Love Yourself..”, I asked her what the worst thing that could happen is. She said she could get kicked out of the play. “Then what?”, I asked her. “I would be mortified and the whole school would know”. “Then what?”, I followed. “I would be very embarrassed”, she responded. “And then what?”, I continued. “I guess that would be it”. “Would your friends still like you?” I asked. “I think so”, she answered. “Would your family still love you?” “Of course”, she said. This morning, she rises early for school and it is just the two of us before the rest of the family wakes up. “You know mom, I was thinking how you said yesterday about the worst thing that could happen and I am not so afraid anymore”.

As adults, it helps to keep the worst case scenario in perspective as go through our days and face the challenges that life has to offer. Oftentimes, our worst is really not that bad, perfectly survivable, if a little less comfortable. I am wondering if the important thing here is loving yourself above the image you are trying to achieve,  because fearing that the image cannot be attained is what creates suffering rather than the reality itself.

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