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Immunity Patrol – Winter Wellness, Support for cold and flu

How do you maintain strong immune system during the cold and flu season? How do you treat your winter illnesses naturally?

It is the last day of February, yet the temperatures outside are frigid and much of our surroundings are still covered by snow with more to come in the approaching week. And here at the health food store, we are getting more customers trying to prevent winter colds and flu or fighting them if they are already sick. What do we recommend?

For prevention, I suggest boosting your immune system with proven herbs such as Astragalus and Echinacea, extra vitamin C, mushrooms such as Reishi and Chaga, and a good food-based multi vitamin. Food-based is key, because in food-based supplements, ingredients are derived from food, therefore ensuring maximum assimilation and absorption (New Chapter, Megafood, Garden of Life). Many of us are deficient in D3, especially in the winter months with decreased exposure to sunshine, so we suggest taking at least 1000IUs of vitamin D3 as part of your immune regimen. Keep your nasal passages clear and reduce infections, by using a simple saline or xylitol nasal spray. This works great in the winter to reduce dryness in the nose due to dry heat in homes.

If you have had the misfortune of succumbing to a winter illness, such as a common cold, the following natural remedies can be used: the heavy duty fighters colloidal silver and oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract (such as Nutribiotic GSE) and olive leaf extract; once again echinacea, goldenseal (not to be taken continuously), mullein leaf (for lung support), homeopathic treatments like Oscillococcinum (try to say that twice!) by Boiron and Alpha CF by B&T work well for many customers and are safe for kids, and especially useful for relieving uncomfortable symptoms. Elderberry extract and Umcka from South Africa both help reduce the duration of common cold and flu conditions. Hot tea made with fresh ground ginger, local honey and organic lemon is a great way to instantly warm your body and make your throat feel better!

I am a firm believer in mind and body connection, so do not forget to affirm and express gratitude for the good health and wellness and your body’s ability to heal itself.


The Health Food Store Girl

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