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Natural Skincare Product Review – Dermabrasion Scrub

I am daring to present my very first natural product review. I have no interest in promoting any particular products and am not receiving anything from the companies I talk about. This is for my all time favorite skincare product that I would take with me to a deserted island. It really makes a difference in my skincare routine, it makes my skin glow, helps tame the fine lines and crows feet, improves skin tone by dulling the dark spots and makes acne scars and pores appear smaller. You simply use it a couple times per week or before a special outing, and you will see immediate results. It is an all natural product which contains dead sea salt, it is made by Derma-E, which is still a family owned company and is produced in the US. I hope you enjoy this review and if you choose to buy it, please support your local neighborhood health food store and get glowing!

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