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What is Paleo Truly Guilty Of? – Carb Addiction and the Industry That Supports It

Interesting thoughts on Paleo diet and why we resist quitting our carbs. I followed strict Paleo for a few months last year and I have to say I felt wonderful. I still do feel wonderful, now including occasional complex carbs and not saying no to a fresh french sourdough baguette once in a while!


When people are passionate about things, they tend to get very defensive.  Question someone’s child, and they are bound to get upset in a hurry.  I certainly do!  So why is it people get so defensive when you start explaining the Paleo diet to them?

Today I saw a lady at my office.  Fairly typical middle-aged, over weight female with poorly controlled diabetes.  She recently started on an insulin pump but her glucose control is no better at all.  I had a suspicion why, and again started to question the details of what she eats.  Of course, she eats carb after carb after carb.  Whole wheat this, and low fat that.  She has tried to cut the carbs in the past, and actually had pretty decent success, but quickly falls back into your carbilicious ways.  Why?  Why go back when a change in diet shows clear improvement in her sugars?

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One response to “What is Paleo Truly Guilty Of? – Carb Addiction and the Industry That Supports It

  1. SimpleLivingOver50 February 21, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    Dr. Garcia is so spot on. If the condition is related to an addiction then it is the addiction that must be addressed first. And yea, there is a such thing as carbohydrate addiction.


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