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The best parenting advice ever.

Wow I love this advice. After reading Pam’s books, followed by many others, I have found a path to many miracles and a joyous life that I have now and constantly maintain by staying on the “high flying disk” and educating myself and listening to and learning from the many teachers that are available to me in this amazing connected world. I have however struggled with trying to teach some of these concepts to my children, just not finding the right words or examples. This is such perfect way to show something without actually having to describe it, just to “lead by example” in a way, the example of the smartest brightest people and how they got there and to inspire our kids to do the same.

Pam Grout

“Love gives us some pretty darn cool quantum powers.”—Greg Kuhn

My new favorite pastime while flying (at least when seatmates make it abundantly clear they don’t want to chat) is reading the New Yorker. Last week I read about a seven minute workout, custom cookie cutters made from a 3D printer and a 27-year old genius named Emerson Spartz who has already launched dozens of highly-successful websites.

His first, when he was 12, was, the most popular Harry Potter fan site in the world. It landed him on CNN and Fox News and J.K. Rowling even invited him to her estate in Scotland. Today, he has nearly 50 employees and raises millions in ad revenue every year. Did I mention he’s 27?

The thing about Emerson that most interested me was something his parents insisted upon when he was a kid. I have no idea if they made him…

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