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Traffic Jam Compassion

Did you get to a point when you feel that you need knowledge that you have more inside yourself that you are not using, that you need to actively seek and find? Do you feel creative and inspired when you read these words? Do you see beauty and life and are able to notice the little things and appreciate them as much as you do big successes? Do you feel kindness and compassion towards others, human or animal creatures, do you feel offended and saddened by cruelty and anger that exists in the world? Do you wish you could do more and not know how to?

You can start with you, connect with your inner source and commit to spreading kindness and love to all those you come in contact with. Do not participate in dissemination and perpetuation of violent images, stories, news, etc. Ever feel that in our culture, when there is a traffic jam, all we are concerned with is how to get somewhere faster, God forbid we would be late for work or have to sit in the car with ourselves (oh boy!) for extra 30 minutes? We stress, we honk, we make frantic phone calls, we worry, we drive ourselves nuts, we glare at other drivers, we move inches at a time to see if we can just push the car in front of us forward a little bit, just to create an illusion of movement.. Remember ever doing that?

But what about the people who have been in an accident and are suffering or perhaps have perished? What about  their families? We watch or listen to the traffic reports that perpetuate the idea that we care very much about getting somewhere faster and not so much about what took place with whomever happened to be in that accident. Can we send thoughts of health and healing and positive energy? Imagine the entire rows of traffic with people sending positive thoughts and prayers to the person who got hurt? Now that is something powerful.

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