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Is there ginkgo in my ginkgo?

So New York State Attorney General DNA tested herbal supplements from Walmart, GNC, Target and Walgreens and declared that some do not contain ingredients listed on the label, but instead contain things like rice powder and wild carrots, peas and spruce! You can read the details here;
Though we certainly encourage your peas and carrots consumption, we invite you to eat them fresh or juiced, and mostly organic, and not encapsulated under the name of Gingko Biloba while expecting brain enhancing benefits!
I have been using, selling, and recommending herbal supplements way before some of these conglomerates even came into existence and jumped onto the nutrition wagon in the past decade, after watching the category grow exponentially and not wanting to miss out on the profits! I say leave the herbal supplements to those who know what they are doing, your mom and pop natural food stores with history of helping people and doing the research and the legwork and quality health food chains rather than those producing and selling from the cheapest, most profitable source. Herbs and vitamins we sell and recommend have withstood the test of time, they are standardized and measured herbal extracts, from companies that have manufactured, tested, researched and developed for many years. My feeling always was that if you were to take any supplement or vitamin, you need to be assured of its quality, which means that you may have to pay a premium for a better product. If you are looking for the cheapest solution, you are probably throwing your money away and might as well skip the idea. The brands we have historically carried in our stores can supply us with 3rd party certificates of analysis upon our request. Brands like Natures Way, Megafood, Solaray, Nature’s Plus, Nature’s Herbs, Herb Pharm, etc, etc, etc. have never had any issues with quality, and have never been subject of any negative media or government reports. We are no fast to pick up new brands for this exact reason. Though there are questions about whether the DNA testing used was appropriate for herbal supplements, only time will tell us the answer. There are also renewed and repeated calls for FDA to regulate the supplement industry, which I do not believe is the answer, given their track record with both food and drugs. However, adulteration is clearly a problem in the industry and we encourage our trusted brands to continuously test their product and ensure best manufacturing practices.

I do have no doubt that quality supplements are to be found on the shelves of a health food stores with an educated clerk leading you by the hand and helping you from personal or acquired experience. After all, our customers keep coming back for certain product for a reason, and that is because it works for them. They are a living testimonial of what is in those bottles.

Blessings to you and your family! Expect Miracles!

~with love, hfsg

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